At the beginning there was a friendly discussion between 3 friends, about energy efficiency, specialists in building envelopes and the possibility to build a sandwich wall factory in Romania.

Whether it’s about thermal insulation of buildings, thermal rehabilitation of buildings or keeping up with the latest trends in construction, reality forces us to be concerned about living in passive houses or passive buildings, and from a discussion and several ideas tire for buildings we set off in 2011.

Our mission

To paraphrase a British saying, we can say that we are too poor to buy the cheapest thermal insulation or roofing solutions for buildings .

Our mission is to make the market for building tires in Romania understand that the famous saying of the British applies even more in our case. People do not know that those who imposed thermal insulation through a single ETICS solution, namely the enveloping of polystyrene blocks, soon discovered that they left it to the builders to choose the quality of polystyrene and other materials used. The builders, through the imposed price of 55 euro / sqm usable area, were forced to choose the materials of the lowest quality.

Because of this, in a short time, you will have to redo the enveloping work, if you chose the polystyrene solution, and you will go through the same ordeal: dirt, lost time, noise, expense, ie all aspects that introduce you to the initial equation a lot unknown, because you don’t know how good the adhesive is, how dense the polystyrene is, how the fitting teams hold it, how good the plaster is or if the structured exterior paint does not fade quickly or has no resistance to rain and weather . All this turns into variables because the manufacturer must buy the cheapest materials to fit the cheap price promised.

Thus, our mission is one of social responsibility, in that it is not worth letting people be misinformed about the “so-called” cheapest thermal insulation for buildings, when the reality is completely different, when on the market there are coating solutions with mineral wool, basalt wool, aluminum panels with rigid polyurethane foam, sandwich panels made of galvanized sheet and even polystyrene if it is graphite in its entire structure, ie fireproof, and having a minimum density of 24 kg / m3.

Even for the politicians who lead us, the choice of the classic solution with poor quality polystyrene can lead in 2-3 years to the loss of electoral capital, when, shortly after the completion of the enveloping works, people claim moisture and mold, the effect of greenhouse or even worse, the detachment of large pieces of plaster from the facade and the collapse of cars, passers-by or their own children, fires already entered the collective memory.

That is why we invite you to know us and to understand what is in fact the most reasonable and honest solution for enveloping buildings.