It is obvious that a company specialized in thermal insulation, as we are, in order to sell our solutions and gain the largest market share, as we have proposed since 2011, investing in the most modern production lines and in the best thermal insulation materials in the form of this THERMOMAX polyurethane foam and aluminum system, we needed a lot assembly teams specialized in exactly this system made of polyurethane foam and aluminum.

If at the beginning the teams of specialists in thermal insulation employed installed approximately 150 – 250 sqm / day of aluminum panel and polyurethane foam THERMOMAX, now, the same team of 7 workers managed to install between 500 sqm / day .

The construction companies, once they worked with the THERMOMAX system, became traditional partners of our company, as they were conquered by the speed and ease with which a block is enveloped, which translates into several square meters put into operation in a shorter time. lower costs and higher revenues.

It is also worth mentioning that, in addition to the fact that these thermal insulation specialists install a THERMOMAX polyurethane foam and aluminum system much faster than other systems, they can do it in any weather, including winter, without affecting you in any way.