Our mission

The primary objective of our company is to influence the building insulation market in Romania by providing complete and relevant information. It is essential that building owners and construction firms understand that a singular approach, such as the exclusive use of polystyrene for insulation, can have negative long-term consequences.

We have observed that choosing lower-quality materials, driven by budget constraints, is a common trend in the industry. Unfortunately, this often leads to the need for repair work within a short period, implying loss of time, additional expenses, and significant disturbances. Problems can range from poor adhesive quality to inadequate polystyrene density, inappropriate installation methods, or the rapid degradation of plaster and exterior paint.

Our commitment is focused on social responsibility and on the provision of facade insulation systems. Building owners should not be misled by seemingly lower prices of some insulation methods when superior alternatives exist, such as aluminium panels with rigid polyurethane foam and sandwich panels made from galvanized steel.

We also want to emphasize that choosing a lower-quality insulation solution can have a significant negative impact, including on political actors. Potential damages can lead to a loss of public support, as negative effects – such as moisture, mould, or more serious structural problems – become evident shortly after the insulation work is completed.

We invite you to get to know us and understand what choosing an efficient and correct insulation solution for buildings entails.