The energy efficiency of buildings is the topic of the day, precisely due to the merging of the urban population into communist buildings, whose construction was not even thought of in aesthetic terms, so what to talk about energy efficiency.

We note, however, that the energy efficiency of buildings is gradually becoming not only a necessary economic standard, but also a standard of ethics and social responsibility for the need for a maintenance economy and for the depletion of energy resources globally.

Technically speaking, if you are wondering what energy efficiency is , I can answer that it is a set of methods and techniques to think of buildings and blocks, both as a whole and as energy exchange centers with the environment. That is why the need to have energy certificates for buildings was born.

The most efficient methods to improve the energy performance of a building in terms of cost-benefit ratio would be:

  • first of all, it ensures the safety of the citizens against fires, saves the owners up to 60% of the heating or cooling expenses and creates a modern design of the building;
  • the use of double-glazed windows, preferably mounted on laminated wood windows, laminated wood being the best material for windows at this time;
  • hydro-thermal insulation of terraces or thermal insulation of roofs with light materials that do not load the building and have the longest life;
  • optimizing interior lighting and exploiting, as much as possible, natural light;
  • optimization of hot water heating;
  • optimization of the heating and cooling system, through efficient indoor installations;
  • using renewable resources as much as possible – see the page on passive houses.