Starting in 2011, after a 3-year research period, we managed to develop one of the most efficient thermal insulation systems for blocks and other types of buildings and constructions.

We have joined our team with some of the best specialists in building thermal insulation, without whom we would not be able to offer a 25-year warranty for the system of enveloping buildings with aluminum and rigid polyurethane foam that make up the THERMOMAX system.

Our team’s over 20 years of experience in building thermal insulation makes us hope that, from now on, teams of architects and designers, energy auditors, thermal insulation engineers, specialists in building envelopes and thermal rehabilitation, in conjunction with the change of the public procurement law in 2016, will base their choice of thermal rehabilitation solutions for blocks on quality and not on the price of the cheapest materials.

The THERMOMAX system obtained has a real lifespan of up to 50 years, thermal insulation performance, with a Lambda=0.18, which makes it twice as efficient as the classic polystyrene solution. It has a weight per square meter reduced by 50% compared to the classic system, is approved in the B-s2-d0 fire class, it is installed in any season with a minimum efficiency of 500 sqm of finished panel “ready” per day, with a team of seven – ten people, with a total cost of performing the work lower than the classic solution with polystyrene, whether you are a designer, beneficiary, or builder.