We have a lot of strategic partners because almost any customer becomes our partner because the thermal insulation solutions with aluminum panels with rigid polyurethane foam that we have created, make each customer satisfied and recommend us to others.

When in Romania will pass 5-10 or 50 years of operation of thermal insulation with aluminum panels with rigid polyurethane foam on the solution THERMOMAX , we can say that we have created a phenomenon, but until then all we can guarantee is immediate satisfaction, ie starting with the first month of operation, through the comfort created and maintenance savings of up to 60%.

The choice of partners is a company policy, and in order to guarantee the whole we have to guarantee the parties, which determines us to be extremely attentive to these details.

Construction companies once worked with the system THERMOMAX , have become traditional partners of our company, as they have been conquered by the speed and ease with which a block is enveloped and especially because it collects its money after 25% of the time allocated for the same work done with a classic system.

We invite you to visit the section below with customer testimonials, where the partners will confirm our words, related to important savings in energy consumption, one of the major issues of the moment.