When you are looking for the most efficient thermal insulation, obviously you also think about what they look like on the outside of the block, house or building you build, that’s why THERMOMAX means both maximum thermal comfort and maximum aesthetics in building envelopes .

Definitely the combination of perfect thermal insulation, ie polyurethane foam and aluminum panels, with maximum resistance over time, ie 50 years, covered in a variety of colors and textures of facades , can make you forget the old facade plasters.

Exterior wall textures

We can create to order a lot of textures for exterior walls in the THERMOMAX solution, but we have focused on these 3 for now:

  • Facades with fine plaster
  • Facades with special plaster
  • Facades with wooden structure


All you have to do is contact us to understand exactly what you want and we will certainly help you to obtain both aesthetic facades and facades resistant to any weather and exposure.

Special plaster

Fine plaster

Wood structure

Exterior wall colors

The selection of colors for the exterior walls is always made depending on the building, as a whole and its location in the zonal urban ensemble.
In order for the sensation to be of maximum satisfaction and not only of thermal comfort, we have added a concept of rejuvenating the cities and localities through the complete range of RAL colors.

Thus, with the thermal rehabilitation of blocks of flats and buildings in general, with the reduction of expenses by up to 60%, you will discover that you will gladly return home and your friends will admire your home, like a new one.

Using polyurethane or PVDF-based aluminum sheet paint , we produce polyurethane and aluminum foam panels, which is the most UV, scratch and weather resistant paint.

Anthracite gray

Metallic blue

Stone gray

Gray white

Sepia brown

Traffic white

In addition to the colors presented above, we also offer modern colors, with a travertine and granite look, or classic pastel colors. Don’t forget to contact us for the entire palette.