For you to benefit from maximum thermal comfort and do savings of up to 60% on maintenance in winter and summer to reduce energy consumption for the use of air conditioning, saving you additional costs and endangering health, we have invested 3 years of research and testing in laboratories of thermal insulation panels of facades, under the brand THERMOMAX . We thus obtained these exterior thermal insulation systems, which are anchored on the outside of the buildings (tire), with the help of fixing structures.

We created these aluminum panels and rigid polyurethane foam, much lighter and more efficient than the classic polystyrene system, they have a rigid polyurethane foam core with a thickness of 50 mm, cased on the inside with 0.08 mm aluminum foil, on the outside a sheet of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm, pre-painted and embossed, and at the ends a very secure joint system, dolphin type (with click), the assembly becoming extremely simple and fast.

  1. ALUMINUM TABLE which will allow the recovery of the investment by recycling, in proportion of 80%, from which the panels are made, has a thickness of approximately 0.5 mm, pre-painted in electrostatic field with polyester paint, UV resistant, to the action of chemical factors and hot lacquered from PUR / PA-Lac, thickness 25 microns.
  2. RIGID POLYURETHANE FOAM , used for Thermomax panels, with a density of 40 – 45 kg / sqm, fireproof (fire class B-s2-d0), with a thermal conductivity below 0.027 w / mk and a nominal core thickness of 50mm.
  3. ALUMINUM FOIL , also recyclable: between 0.08 – 0.1 mm which acts as a vapor barrier and offers total protection against moisture and mold.

Panel dimensions:
Length: 2 m – 13.5 m
Width: 42 cm
Thickness: 50 mm

The THERMOMAX building enveloping system is in the B-s2-d0 fire resistance class , which will help you pay less for home insurance, among other things.
The way of coupling / joining the THERMOMAX panels is done using “Dolphin profile”.

Panel mounting

Ventilated insulation

Buildings envelope