Open the window to our vision and passion for innovation and energy efficiency by exploring our portfolio. Here you will find a selection of our enveloping projects, illustrating Thermomax’s commitment to excellence and sustainability. Whether it’s about the envelopment of residential buildings, schools, or hospitals, each project is a demonstration of our technical knowledge, our mastery in construction, and our desire to exceed client expectations. Together, these projects make up our success story in the field of energy efficiency and innovation.

Residential Building Envelopment

Dedicated to transforming homes into true sanctuaries of comfort and energy efficiency, our residential building envelopment projects aim to improve the quality of life. Thermomax is with you, offering innovative and durable solutions that add value and save energy.

School Envelopment

At Thermomax, we believe in creating an optimal learning environment that encourages student development and success. Our school envelopment projects aim to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment while reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Hospital Envelopment

Health and safety of patients are our priorities. Thermomax’s hospital envelopment projects focus on creating a clean, efficient environment conducive to healing. With our advanced technology and materials, we strive to improve the energy performance and comfort of hospitals, to support high-quality medical care.