A business created in response to a market need is a business that must meet these needs exactly, whether it’s about creating thermal comfort, providing building insulation solutions, constructing passive houses, creating green businesses, or anything else. Therefore, we all know that there is a life cycle for any good specific idea, which deserves the chance to evolve from idea to brand. And we believe our idea is the most efficient on the market at this moment.

The THERMOMAX brand aims to become a standard in terms of building thermal insulation, bringing maximum thermal comfort to everyone’s life. Because the construction of any brand is consolidated with each satisfied customer, we have specifically created a multitude of associations with the “maximum” promise. Here are these associations and what the Thermomax system means:

  • maximum speed of mounting the aluminum and rigid polyurethane foam panels = up to 500 square meters per day;
  • maximum guarantee = 20 years, for the THERMOMAX system;
  • maximum fire resistance = fire class B – s2, D0;
  • maximum production speed = up to 5,000 square meters per day;
  • maximum freedom in assembly = building enveloping, regardless of the season;
  • maximum thermal protection, both summer and winter = heat transfer coefficient between 0.018 – 0.028 w/mk; resulting in savings of up to 60% on the monthly maintenance payment;
  • maximum life span = up to 50 years;
  • maximum investment recovery = through lifespan, through the savings you can make on energy, and if you want to take down the THERMOMAX system, you recover up to 80% of the initial investment price, due to the valorization of aluminum;
  • maximum protection of the building and walls against: wear, weather, damp.

    In conclusion, we strive to build a greener, more efficient, and more comfortable future for everyone, through innovation, dedication, and promotion of the excellent THERMOMAX system. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient environment.