We know that an informed and educated company will ask any company specialized in thermal insulation, together with the offer of insulation and installation solutions, those guarantee certificates, which will certify that the thermal insulation systems last exactly as promised.

That is why our investment and strategic partnerships have been made from the beginning with the best producers of polyurethane foam and the best producers of aluminum .

The warranty on components means that the warranty for the thermal insulation system in the form of polyurethane foam and aluminum panels made by us to reach 20 years . We know very well that the life of the system can reach 50 years .

Knowing that aluminum does not crack, the elastic and UV-protected paint when discolored, is applied in electrostatic field and in multiple layers, rigid polyurethane foam does not burn , the assembly is extremely easy, without dirt and safe, then nothing should prevent you from purchasing for your building the envelope with Thermomax system.