After a research period of 3 years we managed to develop one of the most advantageous thermal insulation systems for blocks and other types of buildings and constructions.

I joined the team some of the best specialists in thermal insulation for buildings, without which we would not have been able at this moment to offer the 25-year guarantee for for the enveloping system of aluminum buildings with rigid polyurethane foam made of aluminum and rigid polyurethane foam that make up the system THERMOMAX .

Our team ‘s experience in thermal insulation for buildings over 20 years, makes us hope that from now on teams of architects and designers, energy auditors, thermal insulation engineers , respectively specialists in building envelopes and thermal rehabilitation in collaboration with the change of the public procurement law in 2016 to make the choice of thermal rehabilitation solutions for blocks of flats be based on quality and not on the price of the cheapest materials.

Knowing that the THERMOMAX solution has a real lifespan 3 times longer compared to the classic polystyrene solution , as the thermal insulation efficiency is twice as high as the classic polystyrene solution, as it has a weight per square meter 50% lower than the system classic, as it is approved in fire class B-s2-d0 , as it is mounted in any season with a yield of at least 500 sqm panel finished “ready” per day, with a team of seven to ten people, with a total cost of carrying out the work lower than the classic polystyrene solution, whether you are a designer, beneficiary or builder, what would you choose?

Have you seen that in fact the thermal insulation in the classic system with poor quality polystyrene produces moisture? But how long does it take to install the facades? Did you know how easy it is to make mistakes when the works are done in proportion of 90% with unskilled and unsupervised labor, as happened until June 1, 2016. One step, if wrong, the whole polystyrene thermal insulation system is compromised.

Knowing that a tire system lasts 50 years , is guaranteed for 20 years, recovers in proportion of 80% through the subsequent sale of recyclable aluminum, you can get anything facade textures and colors, facade enveloping system THERMOMAX is delivered prefabricated and pre-manufactured to the builders on site so that they can not compromise on quality at any stage of the work, I hope you will choose the Thermomax solution.

For any clarifications or explanations we are at your disposal.