1. Fire resistance . Rigid polyurethane does not support combustion either. Complies with the most demanding requirements in the field of fire insurance of buildings. Rigid polyurethane has certification of compliance with European norms in construction, being part of fire class B-s2-d0, ie it does not maintain combustion ;

2. Healthy living space . Polyurethane does not maintain mold and is not an environment conducive to the formation or maintenance of fungi and insects of any kind. You will be protected from the danger of the formation of bird nests, families of rats, mice and beetles, obtaining a perfect hygiene of the buildings;

3. Integral recycling of materials and recovery of up to 80% of the investment;

4. 25-year warranty and a lifespan of 50 years, in operating conditions specific to the geographical and climatic area of Romania.

5. Fast, dry assembly, possible in any season , without stops due to bad weather. The assembly teams of the Thermomax system can be installed with the help of metal devices, in half the time corresponding to the classic tire systems, without producing dirt around the buildings;

6. Tire with modern design , because you have all the range of RAL colors and usual textures and, moreover, on request you can also have walls with imitation wood, brick, calcio vechio, imitation camouflage or other textures. The aluminum sheet is specially treated ensuring protection against ultraviolet rays, so that the buildings will look after 20 years as at the inauguration of the work, because no natural factor affects the facade, maintaining a uniform color and perfectly straight walls;

7. Low weight per square meter . The Thermomax system is very light, consisting of a panel made of rigid polyurethane foam and aluminum, a metal with a specific weight almost 3 times smaller than that of steel ( the weight of the system is less than 5.6 kg / sqm ). Labor costs are much lower, the cladding lasts longer over time due to much lower loads than those made of steel sheet;

8. No danger of accident . The system is applied mechanically, so there is no danger of accidents by detachment as in the case of gluing coatings (the case of polystyrene, so publicized in the press and on television);

9. Good stability at large temperature differences specific to climatic conditions in Romania (between -20 and + 40 degrees C).

10. Waterproofing . As a result of the external protection with painted aluminum sheet, impermeable to both rain and humidity. Due to the closed cells in proportion of over 92% and the aluminum foil on the back of the panel, the polyurethane foam does not absorb the moisture vapors formed in the air state between the wall and the system;

11. Advanced hardness . Insulation with rigid polyurethane foam ensures high resistance to the action of compression and shear forces, specific characteristics of aluminum panels made of rigid polyurethane foam;

12. Advanced technology . By applying a special primer on the back of the aluminum sheet, a perfect adhesion is created between the aluminum sheet and the polyurethane foam. Adhesion can exceed the breaking or shear force of rigid foam;

13. The best thermal insulator . As a result of the joining system, the thermal bridges are also eliminated, and by very easy ventilation of the space between the wall of the buildings and the panel, the condensation that can occur is also eliminated. This eliminates the “bag” sensation, claimed by the inhabitants of the thermally insulated blocks with polystyrene;

14. Extremely easy maintenance . Routine maintenance is done by washing with water and regular detergents, using a sponge or a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives or chemicals in the category of those that could damage the visible surface of the panels;

15. Eco-friendly behavior with the environment, due to the resistance in time and the possibility of recycling.